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Android mobile application for showcase product with architectural visualization that can be made some customize with colour, material, texture and take a look the detail of 3d model.This UE4 game engine based demo is designed to show the possibilities of mobile archviz.

Feature Application : 

-Realistic | Quality is Matter Being realistic rendering in real time to your mobile application with customize everything in real time. 

-Mobile | Archvis Everywhere Make your interactive project available everywhere to user. Archvis, Real state, Car customization, or any other project made by Unreal Engine 4.

-Customize | Unlimated Options People like to break limitation so add Colour, Material, Mesh, & Decal options for them to design everything they like, just a few click to add options. 

-Fast & Easy | Link Objects Sharing options between objects make your works a lot easier and faster than you think, also add customization to any exsitting project without any change is awasome! 

-Tools | Transform 

1. Take a look the detail of 3d Model with feature Rotate (use 1 finger with swipe in right or left), zoom (use 2 finger and pinch for zoom in or zoom out), Pan (use 3 finger with slide hold on in right or left), Extend Origin Postion (Use 1 finger with double tap in screen) 

2. Move, Rotate, Scale, or Hide object in scene easily 

3. Your user can save, edit, or delete their design easily from main menu in real time by just select a name of profil and load them again from main menu 

4. Change customize colour for product 3d model that want to showcase for user with feature Detail 3D Model 

-Control | Button or Touch Use built in feature to interact with menus using mouse, keyboard, gamepad, or touch at same time on all supported platforms. 

-Tools | Main Menu, Minimap, & Dynamic Lights 

1. Use main menu for teleport to interest locations, switch to fly or camera mode, light editing mode, setting graphic, feature for Detail 3d Model, and etc. 

2. Adding map or architechtural floor plans to your scene is very easy and you can also add important location to your map by just a check box, editing map, and its background is super easy. 

3. Edit light in your scene only by a few clicks also add switch to light for users to turn them on or off.

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Visualization Product 659 MB

Install instructions

Download the .apk file and install into android phone. 

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